October 17, 2006Edit

At Whateley AcademyEdit

At the science department placement tests, Sara blows the top off of the tests. One of the teachers, Dr. Johnson , goes insane when he reads what she wrote on one of the research questions. It degenerates from there. After dinner, Peeper gets up to his usual harassment. Eventually, Aunghadhail gets through to him, and he has to go back to Twain to change his pants.[1]

Ayla is depressed most of the day. She manages to beat Golden Girl in Martial Arts , and then does another day of detention.[2]

James talks to Whiskers, and then goes looking for Jade. He loses his courage around Poe . He gets a message from Sweetheart about the procedure for authorizing a pet and sends a reply.[3]

Sara and Jade have a long talk, discussing code names among many other things.[1]

Kayleigh's and Adriane's Halloween costumes arrive: Adriane's is a Princess.[4]

Palantir (Irene Durcell), Abracadabra (Bethany Tarvatti) and Clover (Estelle ?) make plans to raid Miss Grimes ' home in their search for Essence. They fake out Merlin (Miss Grimes' familiar) with a catnip mouse, but get scared off by another protection, and are picked up by Security . They get assigned detention for being out after curfew. Clover does come away with a witch hat, however.[5]

At Ft. Meyers, FloridaEdit

In Ft. Meyers: Jack talks a bit with Gary about the quest, experiments with Hunk (the musclebound moron.) Then they start on the quest. After the day's questing, Jack finds he's ambivalent about Dee, but Jackie knows exactly what she wants.[6]

At Cincinatti, OhioEdit

Herb Tellock of Humanity First! tries to shake down Miss Wickham for a major donation, unaware that she's actually the Green Witch. Miss Wickham decides to retaliate against H1! Later, there's an attempt by a couple of con artists to pretend to be the Silver Ghost's parents, and then a Major Burghoff tries to recruit her for OlymPYC, the Army's mutant training program.[7]


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