October 25, 2006Edit

At WhateleyEdit

Sara has a discussion with Hippolyta and resolves Hippy's problem. More powers testing . Chessmaster makes more preparations for the attack on Whateley. (Note. Dates in this sequence are somewhat fuzzy. Everything didn't happen on the 21st and then just jump to the 26th!) [1]

Phase has a talk with Circe, and agrees to go into the spring term Intro to Magic class. Fey fills her in on what being tutored by Circe has always meant: there are legends, and they aren't good. Then she has a talk with Mega-Girl and Delta Spike about how Marty's TK shell is warping her body. No joy.[2]

At CincinattiEdit

Lauren and Stacy Conrad continue preparations for the Halloween party with more consideration of costumes.[3]


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