Confrontation between Zenith and Sara about Hippolyta. Preparations for the Halloween party are well under way.[1]

Ayla finds where Knick-Knack hangs out from Mega-Death. Then she asks Knick-Knack if he can help with BIT s, and discovers the nature of their super-secret project quite by accident. She suspects that Thuban is the patron. No joy.[2]

Ayla asks Techno-Devil about the possibility of working with Jobe. TD says he doesn't see it going anywhere remotely acceptable.[2]

At ARC: Mrs. Potter , Dr. Otto and Dr. Tanaka talk over breakfast. Merry has a nightmare that Sara interrupts. Lots of stuff with Otto, Merry and so on and so forth. Arrangements between ARC and NEXT move forward. Sara Demon marks Merry.[3]

Likewise at ARC: Sara becomes Dr. Otto's second; she drives Dr. Lenston off and has several long sessions with Merry.[1]


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