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At Whateley AcademyEdit

Chou does her morning exercises with Fey and Boudacia. Sarah Gardner accosts her on the way from breakfast and asks if she kills demons and wants to join her club (the Goobers). That night, while everyone is asleep, someone raids one of the dorms and steals panties.[1]

Anvil congratulates Adriane on his actions the previous night, and says that he had no idea the Princess was Adriane.[2]

An MCO operative tries to implicate Sara in the previous night's events. Mrs. Carson has his superiors recall him. Mrs. Carson moderates a recrimination session between Sara, Rev. Englund and Charlie Lodgeman; later Charlie chews out Rev. Englund. Something escapes from the vicinity; it's probably what's left of Bloodworm that's acting as a proxy for Nyarlathotep. However, that could be something else.[3]

Ayla takes Vox and two of the J-Team and starts wandering around campus digging up information on the damage and the repair work. She notices that they’re installing a tunnel spur from the Hawthorne tunnel to Poe Cottage’s basement, apparently at the request of Gabriella Guzman. She's figured out that there were at least two hands in the stew, and she's after whoever fingered Team Kimba by disclosing what costumes they would be wearing.[3]

At ARCEdit

Merry wakes up after a quiet day studying Dr. Palm's notes to find that they're going to be doing scans to find the pump that was installed at Langley. The scan stops when they find that the pump is a bomb. Lots of discussion about what to do about it, and how to keep Merry from freaking when she finds out about it. Merry and Sara discuss what the missing ring does.[4]

In CincinnatiEdit

SPECTRUM has a discussion about exactly how they managed to not know about Whateley for so long, and decided that it’s Stacy’s decision whether or not to go. The Green Witch tells Stacy, who manages to put the wrong spin on it and decides that she needs to prove herself.[5]

In other news, someone with super-powers breaks into the Daniels-McGregor Pharmaceuticals research lab and steals something from the extreme hazard area.[5]


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