Jade meets with Thuban, who tells her of a possible way of changing her body image template - for a price, which is showing up at Thuban's Faction 3 meetings as a gargoyle. Now she's looking for a body as a template.[1]

A.D., Weaver and Fubar (part of the Dream Team) bind Diamondback into her body so she doesn't slide into the astral. Heyoka looks on.[2]

Ayla and Peril do their stunt at lunch. Peril challenges Ayla, Ayla looks like she rips his balls off. She gets marched to Security , where Delarose and Forsyth have to exercise extreme self-control to avoid laughing at the stunt. Then she gets hauled in front of Carson and is given a week of detention. After dinner Fey and Chaka get Ayla and Vox together to get them to kiss and make up.[3]

At Curley's cabin: After some discussion, Curley gets on the phone to the White House. Some decisions get made. Sam is taken to the DARPA facility at Hanford where she has to exert some authority to get things done. They discover that she's vulnerable to intense magnetic fields, for example in an MRI scanner. After a bunch of tests, one of the other experiments malfunctions and starts to make the local atomic reactor go critical. She manages to make contact with whatever is controlling it and convince it that it would be a very bad idea. It quits messing with the pile and starts printing out instructions for something.[4]

At ARC: Dr. Tanaka discovers Otto is under a spell; Sara helps clean up the mess. There is a mounting problem in Black section. Sara tells Merry what was going on and then to bail out if things start getting real messed up, and to take Karen with her.[5]

In New York. Rev. Englund and Charlie Lodgeman examine Kerry during Wednesday Mass. Then they discuss ways and means. They decide to tag team it: Lodgeman will go back to Whateley on Sunday, and then they'll alternate weeks.[6]


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