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At WhateleyEdit

Delarose talks to Fey and Chou after their morning warmup of martial arts katas and sword practice in front of Poe Cottage. He warns them that if whatever is going on begins to affect the school or their own safety, he's going to have to crack down. Sir Wallace gets Fey to open up and tell him and Suzannah what's going on. Jericho tries to pull an all-nighter making more vaccine. Sara does some more research on The Bastard, and Chou has a talk with Destiny's Wave .[1]

Nikki has a long talk with Frank Delarose about the Voodoo Wolf problem. Delarose co-opts all of them into security.[2]

in Weretown: Mrs. Donner , Eloise and Ben discuss the situation.[2]

Somewhere in the Sierra Madres, the Bastard is not happy with the results.[2]

Back at Whateley: Fey tells the rest of the crew that they've been brought into Security.[2]

Jade asks Bunny for help with her birthday present for Thuban. Bad move. Bunny still hasn't figured out that she got a wrong impression.[3]

Reach helps Truck get moved into Melville; Aries trips him, splattering all the boxes. Ren wakes up and discovers his new roommate, Tee-Kay, in a pink four-poster bed wearing a sausage curl wig and a negligee. Just for starters. Aries discovers they pranked the wrong person.[4]

During the discussion with the Spy Kids, Rez and Interface come up with another suspect: Wizard. He's a devisor who specializes in solid light holograms and synthetic warper effects. After breaking up, Spark takes Reach to be examined by Knick-Knack, the leading light on the BIT-slicer project. The eventual result is bafflement. Reach recruits Sadhira "Kaiju" Patel as a stalking horse, and suggests that she get some backup of her own that they don't know about.[4]

At Lake AlbanEdit

At Lake Alban, Italy, Petra begins to regenerate.[5]


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