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At WhateleyEdit

The Spy Kids do a little more planning on how to track both Belphegor and Wizard while keeping the real stalking horse under wraps. Jenny shows Harlan some new things she's added to Harlan's vest.[1]

Fey has a long talk with Tennyo about the Voodoo Wolf situation. She learns that Tennyo finds them quite tasty and filling. She picks up her security badge and fills Delarose in on the situation with Tennyo.[2]

Nikki has a long talk with Dr. Bellows about the two patrolmen she had to kill.[2]

Another fight with the Voodoo Wolves in the forest. Meanwhile Mule and Bunker check out ammunition for a session at one of the ranges. They run into the Voodoo Wolves. Much fun was had by all (except the Voodoo Wolves). Fey turns over control to Aunghadhail , who seems to be really enthusiastic about fighting. Nikki does a healing on Bunker. Then she collapses, and has a confrontation with the Bastard in the Dreamscape.[2]

NOTE - the times in the Ill Winds stories are getting a bit confused: chapter 4 ends on the 6th, then chapter 5 picks right up on the 5th! I'm putting all of chapter 4 on the 5th.

Nikki and the team debrief after the battle, then she has a talk with Delarose, who calls Gunny Bardue. Caitlin Bardue gets a feeling that something's really wrong. The Bastard has a conversation with The Necromancer.[3]

Jinn goes to the Faction 3 meeting. Thuban is impressed with how warm she feels, and also with the breast size control she gives him. There's a bit of a diversion with Tisiphone and Worm , and then Bunny 's little bit of revenge shows up.[4]

Back at Poe, Nikki and Jade work on costumes for a group of three pixies that Jade has created for Nikki's use.[4]

After the Faction 3 meeting, a devisor laughs in mad delight over his next creation: the Mammo-Maximizer Ray![4]

In New YorkEdit

In New York: Hal Lebrun (local nutcase) tries to break into St. Gregory's via a window. El Penitente hauls him off. Legionnaire attacks El Penitente. Kerry attacks Legionnaire under the impression he's the Anti-Paladin. El Penitente hauls buckethead off to try to talk some sense into him when he recovers.[5]

At Lake Alban, ItalyEdit

At Lake Alban, Italy, Petra continues regenerating.[6]


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