Sunday, December 17, 2006Edit

At Whateley AcademyEdit

Jade has a confrontation with Sharisha. A number of parties get into the act protecting members of Team Kimba against possible attacks by the Alphas' hit squads.[1]

Foxfire and Reach fill Kaiju in on what happened; Sahar and Ace manage to bury the hatchet.[2]

Ellen is grouchy from having lost all of the snowmobile races.[3]

In the Underdogs hangout, all the girls try to "help" Aquerna prepare for her first date with Hazmat.[3]

The big fight in Arena 91. Fey, Generator, Chaka and Bladedancer against all of the Young Turks -- including Shadowolf, Bombshell, Sweetheart, Swoop, Accelerator, Behemoth, Goodvibes and Grenadier. The Turks original plan goes south when Fey disables the hologram generators and Generator brings in Shroud, Kitty Compact and Shielder. Team Kimba demolishes the Turks in under a minute.[1][3]

Don Sebastiano is disgusted, Hekate discovers what her divination was attempting to show her. The Don has Farrago and Cavalier debrief the Turks. Behemoth decides to leave the group.[1]

There's a celebration in Poe Cottage afterwards.[1]

In New YorkEdit

The Ghastly Trio of the Grand Hall make another try. It doesn't work. The MCO tries to horn in, and that doesn't work either.[4]

In BrazilEdit

Pestana Angra, Brazil. Petra starts recovering.[5]


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