Phase almost gets destroyed by a prank that Generator and Fey set up with the new shower hardware. Fey does her healing bit. Then at breakfast the IPO takes off.[1]

In Team Tactics , after reviews Team Kimba gets to invade an augmented version of one of Crucible's lairs. Everheart and Gunny Bardue consult on what to do to show them that they're not immortal.[1]

Guan Yu walks in and has a discussion about a new sword teacher for Chou, and also some additional training for Molly.[2]

In Siren class, Screech finally learns how to control her voice so it doesn't destroy everything. She has some plans to work dark magic, though.[1]

Anna attends Civics class, and gets the class assignment.[3]

Team Kimba works out their after-action report and Ayla shares her shooting story with them. She invites a couple more kids, has lunch, and prepares for her 1:00 appointment with Mrs. Carson.[1]

Chou and the rest of Team Kimba do a bit of bonding at lunch. Molly decides to make their foursome permanent, and invites Winnie to join. Chou also invites Dorjee to make a team.[2]

At lunch, Jericho discusses the loan documents with Diamondback.[4]

Ayla manages to get Admiral Everheart and a couple of other officers for chaperones for her birthday party. She also makes an offer of money to expand Poe Cottage and Hawthorne Cottage.[4]

In Theory of the Escape, Aquerna gets to practice with strait-jackets.[3]

After Ayla's Shakespeare class, Silver Serpent asks her to pass a message to Chou that her message to the Iron Dragon had been delivered. Silver Serpent tells Quyèn Nũ about the Handmaiden of the Tao being at Whateley.[4]

In Martial Arts, Aquerna faces Shroud.

At dinner Phase invites Aquerna, Prism and Phobos to her birthday party.[4][3]

After dinner, Phase tries out her new tactical baton against several of Team Kimba's weapons. Then Thuban calls with an appointment with the BIT-slicer on Wednesday evening. She tells Peril.[4]

Chou gets back to her room and finds an extortion note from the Tong of the Black Madonna on her bed. She yells for Security.[2]

Ayla gets back to her room, and finds Security and Circe there investigating something. Circe has Ayla use her magical senses, and she detects a slimy magical miasma. Then Circe banishes it. Team Kimba and Gateway go to see Mrs. Carson, and they get told not to do anything unilateral. Phase puts her detective agency on collecting intelligence and putting a protective shield around Chaka's and Molly's parent's households.[4]


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