Jobe tries to demonstrate Prickles in the morning shower. RIP Prickles. She introduces Belphoebe to the Bad Seeds. Psike makes a deal for Jobe to create him a body. Jobe and Belphoebe liberate Jobe's cloning chamber from one of Belphegor's secret hideouts. Counterpoint attacks, almost killing Belphoebe when he mistakes her for Jobe. Jobe fights him off until Belphoebe regenerates a bit. She uses a psi grenade, and then Belphoebe blows a hole through him. Then she injects him with a couple of Jobe's serums, one of which blocks regeneration.[1]

Jobe is laid up in traction while her bones regenerate. Belphoebe uses the situation to get in some sexual practice. Later, Jobe releases another attack on Sara Waite.[1]

Chou has a match against Swordmaiden and Nightbane in 6th period Martial Arts.[2]

She-Beast and crew have the obligatory conversation with the Headmistress after class. Carson is very happy that they've decided not to form a team. Then Jadis has a little alone time with her shrine to the woman who might be her mother: the White Witch, head of the Denver super-group named Heaven's Thunder.[3]

Hua Chu Lan (Silver Serpent) discusses how to proceed with her father’s instructions to become friends with Chou. Phan Thi Linh (Quyèn Nũ) offers some advice.

Chou discusses what she’s found out about Mahren with Caitlin, and gets some advice about how to start having a lower profile.

Chou muses a bit about who she is and where she’s going, the horrible doom looming in her future, and then talks to Ayla about the party. Ayla thinks all the melodrama is uncalled for.


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