Saturday, February 17, 2007Edit

Chou gets a Chinese New Year’s greeting from the Golden Mandarin. She’s puzzled about why.[1]

Wondercute goes to the sims. Samantha sets them up against a team of bank robbers. They win with a chaos attack. Sam shakes her head and thinks it resembles something she remembers from times past too closely for comfort (the Dragonslayers, to be precise).[2]

Molly summons a Tanuki to do a strike back at Jericho during lunch, changing his outfit to pink, with pink ribbons in his dreadlocks.[2]

Chou and the rest of Team Kimba discuss the attack on Jericho after lunch.[1]

Chou is a bit anxious about her dress for the party, but all turns out well. The party is a great success. Silver Serpent invites the Handmaid for tea.[1]

Afterwards, Chou reflects on things and comes to a decision.[1]


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