This is what happened on Thursday, March 22, 2007 in stories (or scenes) that can be dated.


At Whateley AcademyEdit

Stronghold talks Lifeline into casting a spell to reveal the truth about whatever spirit had mind controlled his sister.  Lifeline agrees[1], however the spell she casts is to reveal the truth to Loophole the next time she looks at the perpetrator.[2]

Elaine Nalley talked with Elizabeth Carson about all that has happened to her mind the past year. Lady Astarte decides to take a quick leave of absense and deal with some of the issues.[2]

Red Level, ARCEdit

Meanwhile, Fey, Loophole, Kodiak, The Kodiak spirit, and Aunghadhail, enter the minds of Skybolt and Cavalier, where they encounter the residue of the mythos spell in the form of a personality impression of Hekate.[1]

Aunghadhail battles the spell while the others seek to heal Skybolt and Cavalier.  During this time Lifeline's ward of truth hits, revealing The Kodiak's true colours.[2]

Kodiak confronts The Kodiak, and subsumes the ancient spirit.  Meanwhile Aunghadhail's lingering spirit is slain destroying Hekate's spell.[2]

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