This is what happened on Thursday, April 12, 2007 in stories that can be dated.


At WhateleyEdit

Lanie and Dashboard have a talk about Kodiak.[1]

In New YorkEdit

Imp decides she needs some backup to deal with Hexagon and rescue Alicia, so she recruits Chickenhawk - not that the hero is aware of the plan or agreed to it. At the end of the fight, Imp destroys the painting. A bit more back and forth, one of the rafters falls on Hexagon - a little parting gift from the demon bound to the painting. She discovers someone has been leaving the Imp Sign on walls around town.[2]

Today is the day for the MCO’s attempt to break through the precog barrier. Carlos Jefferson is jumpy and arms himself to the teeth. Everything goes fine until something with tentacles breaks through from somewhere impossible inside the wards. Everything goes to hell.[3]

After the debacle, the forensic teams discover that Madame Osgiliath wrote something - in early pre-proto-Sumerian. Nobody can read it. Carlos Jefferson is appointed Special Project Director for Project A2007-014. Code Name Zulu.[3]

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