This is what happened on Wednesday, June 13, 2007 in stories that can be dated

In New YorkEdit

Imp looks for Melissa at their regular place for lessons. When she isn’t there, she decides to do something else, but spots Jack Rabbit hopping from building to building. When she find him, he’s facing off against someone in gold Roman armor who seems to throw green blasts. He’s got a sidekick who he’s calling Mouse Girl - Melissa.[1]

Imp meets Bob at Superbad. Bob has got major issues with Jack Rabbit, so he tells Imp about him - for free. That’s major issues. Jack Rabbit has three power gems. One enhances his physical abilities, one gives him the jumping an rabbit punch abilities and the third is a minor mind control gem. He uses that to control his “sidekicks.” He’s had four. One is in a wheelchair, two are dead and one is vanished without a trace.[1]

Imp spends the morning trying to track down Jack Rabbit to his lair. She finally hits pay dirt, and finds him at home. Mayhem ensues. Imp takes Melissa to her own lair, where she’ll be safe.[1]

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