This is what happened on Friday, June 15, 2007 in stories (or scenes) that can be dated.


In New YorkEdit

Imp takes Melissa to the Lost and Found - a police station. Then Jack Rabbit picks her up again. OH NO! Then Paradigm intervenes and takes the prize herself.[1]

Superhawk assaults the Imp and demands to know where the girl is. After a lot of miscommunication, Imp discovers that Melissa is Superhawk's daughter. They agree to a truce in order to find Melissa.[1]

Imp and Superhawk meet Bob at Barnaby's, a small restaurant that specializes in secret meetings. They learn more about Jack Rabbit and Paradigm, including that their power gems come from a deceased villain named Dominion. Imp notices a lead in Paradigm's folder and unwisely tells Superhawk about it.[1]

Imp and Superhawk go to the Black Mask to meet with the next lead, to Imp's discomfort. While waiting, Muscle walks up and enquires whether she's available for a job. She says no; Muscle departs disappointed. The lead, Janine, can't tell them where Paradigm is hiding (she teleports minions in and out for security), but her ex might know: they were there together.[1]

The next stop is a lesbian bar to talk to Hijack. All Hijack knew is that it was somewhere in rural Wisconsin. Imp calls Ben with the information, who promises to get back to them in a couple of days.[1]

South DakotaEdit

Pejuta's Aunt Ida had a family emergency she had to take care of.[2]

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