This is what happened on Monday, June 18, 2007 in stories that can be dated


Somewhere in WisconsinEdit

Morning at the Cowan residence. Imp get a call from Bob after breakfast telling her where Paradigm hangs her bonnet.[1]

Sitting on a hill overlooking Paradigm's Compound. Imp and Superhawk have a strategy conference. Imp sneaks into the compound, finds Melissa's room, and removes a collar that suppresses her powers. They start to leave, then the situation goes sour as Jack Rabbit arrives and attempts an attack. After a brief brawl, Mischief makes a capital mistake that allows Jack Rabbit to get Paradigm's power gems, including the amplifier gem.[2]

The day looks lost. Eventually, Imp manages to turn the situation around, cutting Jack Rabbit's foot off and stealing his belt and power gems. All's well that ends well - barely.[2]

Somewhere In Washington StateEdit

Janine is improving even more.[3]

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