This is what happened on Sunday October 28, 2007 in stories (or scenes) that can be dated.


At Whateley AcademyEdit

Gwen makes up with Lina.[1]

Amy, Alyss and Sapphire enjoy a quiet lunch together discussing Parents Day. Amy's mother, Boom Job had gotten upset over some remarks, dricked out and made an incinerator gun in the Devisor labs. Then she collapsed so Statuesque carried her out to the bus.[2]

Then they were joined by Breakdown, Voodude and Downpour. Breakdown mentions the incident where Imp was jumped by a parent. Then they share more Imp stories.[2]

That afternoon, Alyss works in the garage on maintenance. She works a bit with Donna, and puzzles a bit over her background. Then she spots Exquisite and Starbright on her way back to Poe. In Poe, she gets roped into promising to make Halloween costumes.[2]

Meanwhile, that afternoon, Exquisite works on building her team by talking with Gravmax.[2]

At Berlin MCO OfficeEdit

Then Absinthe has her first day as an intern at the Berlin MCO office. She’s attacked in the parking lot on the way home. Six H1 men, three with guns. One dead, several injured. Then the worst part of the fight - reports and paperwork.[1]

Buffalo, NYEdit

Imp is reconoitering the Sunrise Gallery when she’s interrupted by the Asterisk. They have a fun snarking contest, and then she gives him a “Get out of Jail Free” card with a phone number on the back.[3]

Imp makes a deal with Richard Dunn, the person who has been using the Moonrise Gallery for money laundering. She gets his interest in the gallery, and he gets cash.[3]

Imp pays a visit to the graveyard where her parents are buried. Danny arrives, and they discuss old family business.[3]

Imp and Richard Dunn exchange paperwork for cash. Then Asterisk arrives. Imp makes a deal with him.[3]

Other StoriesEdit

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