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All Hallow's Day

At Whateley AcademyEdit

Lifeline accepts having her magic sealed so she can leave the warded cell. She agrees to recreate the Grimmoire she was using from memory.[1]

At Doyle, Murphy's body is alive but the soul appears to be gone. Her mangled BIT is finally overwriting. Elizabeth Carson looks and finds a very faint, elusive suggestion that she's gone to the Astral.[1]

All the commotion has left the cats to play.[1]

Caitlin arrives at Interrogation Room 1 as Lifeline writes as if she's under some kind of compulsion. Circe does not like this at all.[1]

In the Doyle cafeteria, both Elaine and Wyatt try to take the blame for starting the mess when Tansy and Kayda walk in. Tansy comforts Lanie and Kodiak tells Kayda to get into Dream Space and get her spirits to track down Joanne's spirit.[1]

- - > Dream Space of Kayda

Kayda and Wakan Tanka have a long discussion. At first, Wakan Tanka absolutely refuses, but Kayda talks her around to a very grudging agreement to help.[1]

- - > Mind Space of Tansy

After recriminations, Elaine and Tansy agree to seek Elizabeth Carson for direction on what to do.[1]

- - > Whateley

At an emergency meeting, Headmistress Carson learns that Fubar saw Murphy's soul go "sideways" in the Astral rather than directly across it and out of sight, as a soul does on a real death.[1]

- - > Somewhere and nowhere in the Void

Murphy finds herself in a void of potential that has not been brought into any reality. Her presence imposes order, reality, on it as things that live in the sea of potential flee. A creature that is reminiscent of a moose or a bear flees and then turns to attack.[1]

On the way to lunch, Gwen notices Porcelain being harassed by Unstoppable. Fixx takes him down with some baby oil, pepper spray and duck tape - all enhanced. Security arrives, laughing at Unstoppable’s fix. At lunch, she hits Centurion with an itching spell. Then she goes to the interview Grace Winslow has set up with Dana.[2]

Imp has her first tutoring session with Aegis.[3]

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