This is what happened on Friday, November 9, 2007 in stories (or scenes) that can be dated.

At Whateley AcademyEdit

Gwen has a dream where Aunghadhail sentences her to exile for her interference with the Artisan. She learns her ancestor’s name in the process: Vauldrene, She discovers she’s in the hospital and almost suffered a burnout; she’s still healing even with the healing spells that were used. She’s visited by several friends and then by Fey, Wyatt and The Kodiak, Wyatt’s spirit. They figure out a possible explanation for why Gwen has her remote ancestor’s memories.[1]

Imp is visited by Amelia Hartford to give her the dossier she’s assembled on Heaven, the organizer of the Imp Revenge Squad.[2]


Doctor Diabolik briefs Daniel Dawson, his wife Penelope Dawson and their family doctor, Milton Anderson on the incomplete testing status and ethical hazards of using Solon 5. After he finishes, there is a sprightly discussion between Danial and Dr. Anderson about the medical ethics involved with using an untested and unlicensed drug.[3]

In the event, the treatment is successful.[3]

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