This is what happened on Monday, November 12, 2007, in stories (or scenes) that can be dated.


US Veterans Day, federal holiday in the Unites States, Remembrance Day (observed) holiday in many Canadian regions and provinces.

At Whateley AcademyEdit

Gwen is released from the hospital. She takes her afternoon classes and then gets some practice in with Needle. Tony comes in and does some tutoring. Iron Rose charges in and is deflected by Phase. Then Gwen and Phase have a short talk.[1]

New Jersey to Philadelphia roadtripEdit

Imp infiltrates the Shielder’s headquarters. After the surprise entry, they get down to serious planning for how to deal with Fiddleback’s heavily defended fortress and rescue the kids.[2]

Imp gets the hostages to safety while the Shielders take down Fiddleback and his organization. There is only one problem. There are only 10 hostages, while 17 kids got taken. A couple of Fiddleback’s people talk, so there appear to be two leads. Six of the kids went one way, while one of them went another. He’s the one Imp is interested in. There’s a very slim lead. They decide that Brandywine will go with the Imp to check it out.[3]

Atlantic City

Imp and Brandywine arrive at the Silver Lining, a popular nightclub where civilians and villains mix. They go into the back room to talk to Focus about the Triangle. They get a lead to a villain called the Pooka. Brandywine knows him.[3]


Imp and Brandywine stop at a hotel for the night.[3]

In Berlin, New HampshireEdit

The Imp Revenge Squad discusses how to deal with the Imp.[2]

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