This is what happened on Sunday November 25, 2007 in stories (or scenes) that can be dated.

At Whateley AcademyEdit

Gwen has a dream about Vauldrene as a child being taught to use a spear by her father. Then during spear practice, the pixie she calls Blue begins to give her lessons.[1]

Amy arrives back at Whateley.[2]

Agent Wylann gives a seminar on mutant rights and responsibilities, and then tells Gwen about a potential new program for reporting bad actions by MCO agents to Internal Affairs. She will probably be in the middle of it since she’s full time on campus.[1][2]

At dinner, Amy|, Alyss, Aegis, Darqueheart, Sapphire and Mischief. They discuss the lecture Absinthe's father gave on MCO procedures earlier. Then Monkeywrench joins them. They talk a bit about their adventures over the Thanksgiving holiday. Then Amy shows Monkeywrench a shell for a bomblet and arranges for him to find things to fill the shells with.[3]

Also at dinner, Exquisite surveys her minions: Gravmax, Iron, Starbright, Drama and Kraken. She announces that they're going to make their move tonight.[3]

That evening, in the Emmerson common room, a bunch of students are watching a movie when Tarmac arrives with a DVD of the T-Rex vs Imp fight. After the video, the students discuss the fight while Chris ponders Imp's first question to him: what kind of hero does he want to be?[3]

That evening, Monkeywrench is working in the Devisor lab when he notices the time. As he leaves, he's jumped by Exquisite's gang and chased into a part of the tunnels where he gets lost. As he's chased, Drama tells him to watch who he hangs with.[3]

In PittsburghEdit

Alyss spends the morning at home while Melanie took the girls shopping. Roger shows up and they talk a bit.[4]

Olivia Bello visits Colonel Estevez of the Triangle. They discuss Alyss and decide that aggressive recruitment is out of the question.[4]

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