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A Single Fold is a story by Renae, released on 2007-07-29. It runs from 2006-10-02 to 2006-10-20, and, so far, is the only story about Folder.


Patrick Stiles, a devoted pacifist codenamed Folder, gets bullied by Anvil, not for the first time. When he gets back to his room, he finds an unpleasant picture, and then passes out.

Jobe finds out that Patrick has been infected with a potentially deadly virus, as well as being put under a spell that is changing his gender. Patrick’s roommate and friend, Mule, and his team, the Grunts, decide to work with Jobe to find out who infected Patrick.

More people are infected, and Jobe sets himself up as a target to get a sample of the virus. The Grunts look into Anvil, possible revenge for sims matches, religious motivations, and people rigging the next sims match for betting purposes. When Jobe is attacked again, he tags his attacker with a nasty fungus, and nanites that will allow the attacker to be tracked.

Patrick wakes up female and freaks out. His family is upset about it too, and they are worried he might have been targeted because of the work they are doing, so they ask Patrick’s favorite teacher, Tejal Choudhari, to adopt him. He, now she, gets the name Anandani, and is smuggled away with the fiction that Patrick is dead and Dani is a new student.

The people using the virus are caught, and the Grunts and Jobe deal with the spell-caster and Anvil.