Abracadabra's name is Bethany Tarvetti, but her friends in the Three Little Witches usually call her Abra.[1]


Abra is an apprentice wizard. Her best friends and fellow troublemakers are Clover and Palantir, the other members of her basic magic class.[1] She lives in Whitman, and is still in junior high.[1] She and her friends can usually be found causing trouble in another hare-brained plan to get magical essence ,[2][3] or being extracted from such trouble and punished by Ms. Grimes.[1][4]

Bethany is black-haired and wears glasses.[5]

She appears to have a facility for injecting Essence into objects:

Abra found that she could use them as functioning enchantment tiles quite nicely by just pumping essence into them. That was, after all, the entire jist of her mutant trait.[4]

In early Spring 2007, she developed a crush on Stronghold after he stepped in to protect her and her friends from Solange (who was charged with looking after them, and was threatening them to make them behave).[5] Whether that lasted any appreciable time, or if she ever found out that he started seeing Mega-Girl and what she felt about that, is unclear.



  • Stylus, "It helps me focus the magic into my enchantments."[1]
  • ‘flash cards’ for Mystic Runes[4]
  • 'paper slips' to help her sneak out of her room by "attaching [them] to her windowsill", where they elongate to make columns that she can slide down.[1]


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