Achoo (Bobby ??) is one of the incoming Hawthorne Cottage freshmen (c/o 2011) in Fall 2007. Amy describes him as a tall lanky boy. He uses one of those cheap and disposable air masks over his mouth and nose, to try blocking out the pollen, dust, and just about everything else.[1] Otherwise, he sneezes: He creates this disgusting green slime, but can control the density and texture, to make it super slimy and slippery, gooey and sticky, or even pretty hard. It’s pretty gross, and to make it worse, it comes out automatically whenever he sneezes. (This is even with his medication. He has hayfever too.)[2]

He's also a bit of a perv, when meeting Amy, but could be drooling idiot over Ali,[1] except where the TV remote is concerned.[3][4]

He cannot tell the difference between a thermal detonator and a singularity bomb.[5]




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