Adonis is a superhero and member of the Liberty League.

On 2007-09-28, during a confrontation between the League, Pinball and Sphere, Adonis was shot and killed by a rogue MCO team led by Agent Owens.[1]


He's a large man, six and a half feet tall with bulging muscles, a square jaw and very handsome, appropriately for his codename.[1][2]


As expected from his appearance, he's an Exemplar 6 Brick, very strong and tough.

Also appropriately for his codename, Adonis has some sort of psychic power that, when focused on a woman, makes her extremely attracted to him and willing to do anything to win his approval.[1] It's not a permanent effect, though.[2]

It hasn't been shown if his power is able to affect girls before the onset of puberty, or how it affects homosexuals in general.


Adonis has a very sexist attitude towards women, which leads the ones who actually know him to dislike him. He's known for using his naturally attractive appearance (and even, possibly, his psychic power) to seduce women.

In fact, it's suspected that the psychic protection charms that the Gentleman made for the League were motivated at least in part from a desire to protect his wife from Adonis.[2]

He is cocky and dismissive of the actual potential threat of attackers.

He considers himself a connoisseur of hard alcohol, and insists on keeping a fully stocked liquor cabinet on Liberty Island.[3]


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