Alisaundra Hunter[1], codenamed Adore, is a Hawthorne Cottage resident of the class of 2011, and started off as male, as revealed by being part of the TG tour hosted by Eldritch, Diamondback, Razorback, and Anomaly.[2]

She gives her manifestation as

manifested while playing host to a succubus, so now not only did my BIT imprint her, all of my powers are rigged to force people to pay attention to me[1]

But, Outcast Corner think there's more to the story.

She is known for being often found watching CNN on the common room TV. Whether she's just a news junkie or there is some particular reason for her obsession has not been revealed yet.


Personal DescriptionEdit

[she] looked like someone’s cheesecake depiction of a succubus brought into the real world. Red, curly hair fell down her body like a cloak to her hips, and she had a figure that stopped just shy of pornstar while being completely natural. Her eyes were slitted in reptilian fashion, colored green, and she had a pair of gazelle-like horns erupting from her forehead which followed straight back along her head to end almost six inches behind her skull.[1]


The girl was Darwin’s grab bag of Siren and mind-bending psychic-ish and biological response triggers that would get anyone with a libido nearby feeling like they were sucking on the frayed end of a power cable[1]


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