Aegis (Chris Matthews)[1] is a Whateley student, one of the 2007 crop of freshmen. He suffers from a bit of an hero complex, and tends to jump into fights that do not concern him. He also has an unfortunate tendency of prejudging people on their appearance or parentage[2], but he's slowly learning better. He's a member of Team Shenanigans, and aims to join the Future Superheroes of America.

He is athletic and has allegedly sun-bleached blonde hair, which he wears gelled and spiked. He was a serious football player before manifesting, and keeps much of the jock mindset.[1]


Aegis is a PK-3 and a Regen-3, making him a light "brick." He can generate a psychokinetic shell that gives him a good deal of protection. He initially didn't use the shell for much more than protection, although his testing suggested that it is a lot more flexible than most PK shells. When he's pushing his power, the field emits a golden glow. He is being tutored by the Imp in using it in more effective and creative ways.[1]


  • Fall 2007
    • Powers Theory, 3rd Period [2]



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