Salima Al-Kazzan,[1] codename Alakazam, is a student at Whateley Academy. She is in the Tigers.


Her name is Salima "Kaz" Al-Kazzan (born Selma Keith). She is a sophomore as of fall 2006, she was born in 1990, her costume is a red satin dogi with gold embroidered tiger, closer to a cheongsam, she is African-American, 5'6", 130 lbs., her hair is mostly shaved, with a black ponytail set high on the knob, she has a round face with high-cheekbones, wide nose, full lips. She is full-figured but not fat; curvy, stacked. She was born in Compton, Los Angeles county, CA, she lives in Melville, hates the Alphas, and has a personal rivalry with Beltane.[2]


Alakazam takes the Tigers’ Afro-Centric more seriously than anyone in the group, except for N’Dizi. She resents and distrusts anyone not African, and tends to perceive offers of assistance as ‘co-option’. Alakazam sees herself as N’Dizi’s ‘woman’ and co-leader of the Tigers. She definitely projects a ‘Uh-hunh, that’s right, I’m bad-ass Sistah’ attitude.[2]


Alakazam fancies herself a free-willed ‘djinn’. She is a Warper who is able to teleport herself or others up to 30 feet away, and has been able to aport object at that distance to herself. This aportation is unreliable at this point.[2]

She is also able to partially move herself into another dimension, replacing her mass with a like amount of a smoke-like substance that she perceives as her body. She can animate and direct this ‘smoke’. In other words, she can turn into ‘smoke’.[2]

While only able to ‘turn herself into smoke’ at first, Alakazam has learned to produce amounts of this vapor without ‘vaporizing’. Beltane taught her how to mold, shape and manipulate the ‘smoke’ into material objects. In combat, Alakazam uses the smoke to blind, to form weapons, and to create ‘fireballs’. Alakazam can’t materialize things while ‘vaporized’. Beltane also showed her how to use the vapor to create disguises and to guide her physical development; without this aid, Alakazam would probably still be overweight, running to fat.[2]


She warns Chaka about Sahar.[3]

As she was promoted to Junior, she was Vice-President of the Tigers, and member of the Alpha leadership council.[1]


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