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The Alpha Symbol, generally worn as a silver pin.

The self appointed ‘Elite’ of the school. They consider themselves to be the cream of the crop, though in recent years that has been up for debate.

“So much noblesse, and not a lick of oblige in sight.” Adam Ironknife

It seems to be a rule that in every group of humans that numbers over one hundred, the group will break up into smaller groups, and one of these groups will declare itself an ‘elite’. The ‘Alphas’ are Whateley’s self-appointed elite. More than a clique, the Alphas are an uber-clique, a grouping of smaller sets that identify themselves as superior to the run of the mill student. Ever since the ‘exemplar’ trait was identified in 1982, exemplars have been an almost defining aspect of the Alpha cliques. Still, being an exemplar doesn’t guarantee someone entry into an Alpha set, nor does not being an exemplar bar someone from an Alpha set. While exemplars are the largest segment of the Alphas, package deal psychics and avatars are also routinely considered, and other trait-groupings are considered on an individual basis. The real criteria are good looks and personal dynamism; the Alphas regard themselves as leaders, and you have to look and act the part in order to be accepted as an Alpha. Students with Gross Structural Dystrophy and Hawthorne inmates need not apply.


Being the foremost Whateley club, the Alphas have the exclusive use of a number of school rooms. The most imortant of those is the "Alpha Prime Clubhouse", a large corner room in the penthouse level of Melville Cottage, overlooking Schuster Hall and the Quad.[1] They also have private skyboxes in the school arenas, a trophy room, and various private rooms.[2] They have so many rooms, in fact, that a number of them haven't been used for years -- Kodiak saw no problem in ceding their old reading room in the tunnel between Whitman Cottage and Dunn Hall to the Lit Chix.[3]


Original structure[]

According to Kodiak at least[3], membership in the Alphas originally was restricted to students who have distinguished themselves as leaders among their peers, such as leaders of clubs of training teams.

Freya's Reign[]

The Alphas have experienced high and low points in their power at Whateley. There have been periods where they were almost as powerful as the faculty; there have been periods where they were a joke, a group of posturing ninnies telling each other that they were important. The Alphas are currently enjoying a period when they are taken rather seriously, and have a lot of social power. This is due largely to the influence of a student- since graduated- called Freya. Freya had the psychic power and the social grace to dominate the Whateley scene for her entire four years there. She also cultivated a ‘court’ around her that more or less established the Alphas as THE hip and happening crowd. Freya is also the one largely responsible for turning the Alphas from the pride of the school into the fascist regime they are now considered.

Rise and Fall of The Don[]

In Freya’s senior year, Kodiak expected to take over the top position. But two of Don Sebastiano’s rivals returned from Christmas break as complete mind-slaves (see Cavalier). In the wake of that coup, The Don become the undisputed leader following Freya, ruling by fear and threats with Hekate at his side, until his downfall after Christmas 2006, when Cavalier and Skybolt were freed from his control and returned to wreak unholy vengeance on him, putting him in the hospital and destroying his reputation as a leader.

Post Don[]

Since then, Kodiak has effectively taken over leadership of the Alphas. His initial bid for power was helped by Solange, but he soon enlisted the help of Loophole in order to consolidate power and 'clean up' the Alphas, returning them to the pride of the school they once were. His regime was legitimized by the reconstituted Alpha Council of January 20, 2007, where he was selected Alpha Male. It remains to be seen how thoroughly he can mold the Alphas into what he envisions them to be. The Alphas of the Class of 2008 are not a promising base for the following year, being comprised of The Don and Solange's faction, and Powerhouse. The only reform candidates would be Cavalier and Skybolt, presuming they stayed Alphas after their return.

Faculty Advisor[]

Ms. Hartford, now Mrs. Carson since Kodiak's takeover.



The Whateley Academy Alpha Alumni Association is a source of assistance, funds, advice, provided the current Alphas involved haven't p****d them off. Monetary or in-kind assistance is on an approval basis by the Alphas' Faculty Advisor.[4]

Class of 2006 (graduated)[]

Class of 2007[]

Class of 2008[]

Class of 2009[]

Class of 2010[]

Class Unknown[]

Under Consideration[]

Being rushed[]

Class of 2010[]


As of Fall 2006 the power structure had a first tier group: Don Sebastiano, Hekate, Solange, Kodiak, Bluejay, the "Alpha Hit Squad" consisting of Aries, Icer, Hamper and Damper, and the Don's two personal mind-slaves, Cavalier and Skybolt.

There are several groups that are second tier: the Whateley Martial Arts Cheerleaders and the "Wild Watusi" (Farrago, Silver Rose, Glissade and Talos) are two of them.

There are also several affiliated groups, or groups that are trying to get in. The Young Turks are Alpha wannabees. Imminent and Parallax are alpha wannabees as well.

The power structure shifted over Winter Vacation 2006. As of Winter term 2007 the Don is in the hospital and been ejected from the club, Hekate has been expelled from the school, Cavalier and Skybolt have turned on The Don and are in ARC being treated. The new structure was headed by Kodiak and Solange, until Loophole helped Kodiak gain full control of the Alphas. He is making alliances with various groups on campus and trying to clean up the Alphas into something closer to a student council. He has tossed out Solange, Hamper, Damper, Icer, and Bogus so far.

Alpha Council[]

The Alpha Council appears to be a traditional part of the Alpha structure, although it never met during Don Sebastiano's usurpation of power. It appears to have been comprised of the leaders of all the clubs at Whateley Academy, and met periodically to deal with sundry business; its not clear just what the bounds of its authority and responsibilities were. It also is not clear how much Freya undermined the Council's authority during her years at Whateley. The Alpha Council called by Kodiak, which met on January 20, 2007, was expanded to include the leaders of all the recognized Combat Training Teams, resulting in a council which represented the majority of the students on campus.

The Alpha Council table has 52 seats. The head of the table is for the Alpha Male, and the foot for Alpha Female, with room for 50 more. At the Jan 20, 2007 meeting, 49 seats were occupied, the Dylans seat was empty along with the Alpha Male and Female seats. The leaders of the recognized training teams sat in chairs that were scattered around the room.[1]

January 20, 2007[]

The Don's Coup at the Alpha Pledge Party[12] signified the end of the Alpha Council, which should have meet as part of that function to select the Alpha Female and Male.

January 20, 2007[]

The council of January 20, 2007, selected the year's Alpha Male and Female, which would have occurred at the beginning of the school year except for Don Sebastiano's coup. Candidates were limited to Seniors; they need not be Alphas, but if they were selected they became Alphas. Candidates for Alpha Female were: Poise (leader of Venus Inc.), Dashboard (leader of the Gearheads), Tumbler (member of the Uber-Jocks), Automa-Tech (member of the Euro-Promotional League), Gloriana (member of the Future Superheroes of America), and Traduce (member of the Golden Kids). Candidates for Alpha Male were: Kodiak (member of the Alphas) and Oiler (member of the Good Ol' Boyz). They selected Poise as Alpha Female, with no abstentions, and Kodiak as Alpha Male, with abstentions. Poise proceeded to name Dashboard as her Second.[1]