Amanda Riker is one half of the so-called Stringer Twins. Together with her partner C.J., they maintain the network and communications infrastructure at Whateley Academy. They're a team, where one is, the other is close by. They don't seem to be actually related.


One was on a ladder, working in the top of one of the armored boxes. Another was fetching equipment out of another golf cart, thoughtfully pulled into a side alcove. The one on the ladder looked up and Jade realized that it was a woman. She had frizzy, light brown hair, freckled skin, and looked to be in her mid-thirties.[1]


Amanda gets introduced to Jade while they're putting new cable in between Melville Cottage and Poe Cottage. She and C.J. think Jinn is a gift from God.

They're both in the network upgrades funded by NEXT as part of the package for Paige Donner.[2]


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