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Amelia Hartford is the Assistant Headmistress of Whateley Academy. There is one instance of her being referred to as Amanda Hartford.[1]


Ms. Hartford is either a Telepath or has been trained how to focus her mind enough to communicate with a Telepath.[2] She is likely, given her description, an Exemplar. She's an uber-hacker, possibly a cyberpath, credited with tracking down The Palm, and currently one of the main players in keeping the Whateley computer systems secure.[1] She's Paige Donner's mentor/tutor.[3][4] As a "white hat" hacker, she uses the handle "D33rCr0$$" (a pun on "Hart Ford").[5] At present it's unknown if she uses a different handle for her alleged "black hat" activities.


According to Ayla she's around 32 years old, but looks in her mid-twenties; she'd be an attractive blonde except for her attitude.[6]

She is a "bitch," she admits it. She is Mrs. Carson's bitch. This allows Mrs. Carson keep her "purity" (with regard to crossing over the line into illegal actions). Some of her bitchiness is to keep students from targeting Mrs. Carson with their hate.[2] She has problems with Phase that likely stems from his sisters treatment of her niece.[7]

She has a running feud with Charlie Lodgeman, one of the supervisors, and tends to mess with any students he sponsors.[8][9][10]


Amelia Hartford is from a very rich background (she's one of the Rhode Island Hartfords)[7]. She's a Dickinson Cottage, Class of 1988, Whateley Academy graduate[11], and was an Alpha.[12] She has a Ph.D. which she obtained around 1996.[13] She was working as Assistant to the Headmistress by 1992[14], and was at the post in 1995, when Shelly Wells-Carson died.[15] It appears she finished her dissertation after she started working for Headmistress Carson.

One of her rooms, in Dickinson, presumably, the one she had as a Senior, was Room 502.[11]

She was the faculty sponsor for the Alphas until January 8, 2007, when Headmistress Carson assumed those responsibilities.[16] She continues interacting with the Alphas unofficially to the extent that it supports her agendas, such as providing Make & Overclock access to needed computer resources to target Team Kimba.[17]

She's also one of the major contacts with the Syndicate.[18] She may or may not be aware of Sgt. Buxton in Security, although she's definitely aware of Third Platoon, and is waiting a chance to wreak havoc on them.[19] She uses the handle Hindmost (Hind is the female form of Hart) for her Syndicate contacts with Tansy. The contacts are sent through "frangle.com" disguised as purchase notices supposedly made by Tansy.[2]

Although her attitude earns the instant dislike of most people, many of whom refer to her as "Hardass", she is not without friends; she was good friends with Backdraft[19], and has a soft spot for Alex from the St. Louis Five[20]. At one time she worked with Alex (Official Unaffiliated Civilian 12), who still carries a torch for her.[21] She's also good friends with Journeyman.[13]

She is engaged to Lord Paramount as of September 11th, of 2007.[22]