An Imp-Perfect World is the third Imp story written by Morpheus. It's about the evolving relationship of Imp with Superhawk and Mischief, and puts Imp in the uncomfortable position of switching roles with a so-called hero. It follows Mission Imp-Probable and is followed by First Imp-ressions.

Chapter 1Edit

Chapter 1, released April 30, 2015, narrates the events from June 10, 2007 to June 14. While instructing Mischief, Imp is attacked by a heretofore unknown hero, Jack Rabbit. Imp escapes leaving to the hero the task of returning Melissa home... something that she will end up regretting.

Chapter 2Edit

Chapter 2, released May 16, 2015, shows the events of June 15. After delivering Melissa to a police station, Imp is surprised to see Jack Rabbit get his hands on her again—only to have her snatched by a new player, Paradigm. For the sake of Mischief, Imp has to join forces with Superhawk, who turns out to be Melissa's father. They meet with Bob Zabrowski at Barnaby's for info on Jack Rabbit and Paradigm, and follow a lead through Janine at the Black Mask to Hijack, who directs them to Wisconsin.

Chapter 3Edit

Chapter 3, released May 26, 2015, shows Imp and Superhawk's road trip to Wisconsin, taking part from August 16 to 18, 2007. Imp and Superhawk get to know each other better, and some of her history comes to fore.

Chapter 4Edit

Chapter 4, released June 2, 2015, shows the final confrontation of our two reluctant allies against Jack Rabbit and Paradigm on June 18, as well as the aftermath of the adventure twelve days later.


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