Aqueous' name is Philip Gliese[1] He's named for his uncle, who is anti-mutant.[2]


He appears to be made entirely of water (but, even being made of water and transparent, the shape of his internal organs is still visible),[3] and can control the water of his body to flow over someone to attack them.

He tried this on Phase when he first met him, at the beginning of Fall 2006 in Business Accounting I , when he took exception to his last name and tried to bully him. Phase recommended an anger management course instead of a punishment[1], and when Phase becomes the TA for the course they talk and start to get along much better.[2][4]

He is part of Faction 3. During the Mutable Mammaries mishap he gets fresh with Shroud, and she freezes his face and launches it into the punch bowl. This didn't hurt him much, since he reportedly can regrow entire limbs just by taking a shower.[3]


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