The Arch-Fiend is Wilbur Bunsen, one of the Children of the Night. He will do whatever the Necromancer tells him to do


He is a pudgy middle-aged man who transforms into a demonic creature, with red skin.

Tennyo looked up from her position nestled between the huge crimson humanoid’s rippling pectorals. It’s (sic) thick, jet black, hair tossed in the chill wind. Spikes protruded from it’s (sic) joints and at odd places along its skin, two large black horns curved gracefully from it’s (sic) skull. The face seemed relatively normal, except for the glowing yellow eyes, reptilian scales and a mouth full of needle sharp teeth. Two gigantic bat wings swept up from it’s (sic) back, blocking out the sun as the creature roared right into her face.[1]

On Oct. 14, 2006, during the first Boston Brawl, the Arch-Fiend fought Tennyo, ending with bringing a building down on both of them, which hurt him much more than it hurt her. He was the only one of the Children of the Night captured.[1] On Nov. 16, 2006, a lawyer got him out of the charges by claiming Wilbur Bunsen was not the Arch-Fiend, which worked until the Necromancer called him and he changed and flew away in sight of a lot of people, leading Team Kimba to the Necromancer's main operation during the second Boston Brawl.[2] He was defeated by Chaka, captured again, and held in Boston's paranormal prison, Roxbury C . On Jan. 27, 2007 the Necromancer busted him out as part of the third Boston Brawl.[3] This time he tangled with Lancer, and again got trounced. But when The Necromancer split this time, he was able to tag along. He's now wherever Neccy has set up operations.[4]


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