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The Arkham Research Consortium (ARC) is a major paranormal research organization in the Whateley Universe. Its research covers all things paranormal, including magic, mutations, regular science and devises. As such, many of the experiments are unstable and dangerous, so its headquarters has to be able to withstand regular explosions and accidents. The more dangerous experiments are carried out in laboratories housed deep underground.

Much of their research is done on government contracts. They are the primary repository in the US for paranormal artifacts that are too dangerous to ever see the light of day, such as The Palm's notes. These are stored in Black Section, which is the lowest level of the installation, well over a mile underground

ARC seems to have several location scattered around the country. The main location that figures in the Whateleyverse stories is in New Hampshire, in or fairly close to Whitefield,[1] within 10 miles of the Medawihla Reservation, and on the opposite side from Whateley Academy.


The ARC building featured in the stories was built over and under the refurbished Arkham Sanatorium. The structure is therefore a combination of the original 18th century gothic building with the 21st century chrome and glass extensions. It is set in extensively landscaped grounds containing artificial lakes and Japanese rock gardens.[2]


ARC owns their own fleet of sub-orbital shuttles, for quick transportation around the world (they are essentially passenger ballistic missiles).[2]

They also have a space station for a rapid reaction force.[3]

The New Hampshire installation has a number of sections. Black Section is a mile underground, and contains people and things that are too dangerous to ever see the light of day. The cryo-containment facilities for such dangerous mutants as Maelstrom are here.[4] This is also where Erik Mahren is supposedly held in the official cover story.[5]

Red section is also close to a mile underground. It's primarily a psychotherapy area for mutants that could be cured, but are too dangerous to be in any normal facility while therapy is going on. The head of Red section is Dr. Otto. Sara Waite is one of his assistants. Circuit Breaker was here for a time, Migraine was incarcerated here at the end of The Big Idea. Cavalier and Skybolt were also treated in Red Section.[1]


Name Position Further Details
Dr. Otto


Psychotherapist, Director: Red Section
Dr. Eric Tanaka[2] Consulting Physician and Esper Member of The Mystic Six
Mrs. Potter


Major Financial Contributer to ARC Amazingly accurate precog
Dr. Donna Bell[2] Senior Case Worker EX-2, six foot tall, tan, blonde waist-length hair.
Sergeant Quenedo


Bomb droid operator "Queny" "Quenny"
Janice Walters


Special Assistant to Dr. Otto Alias for Sara Waite
Doctor Michaels


Dr. Robert Fulsome[9] Director: Midwest Operations
Dr. Garamond


Mr. Caruthers


Imaging Technician


Medical, Research Technician


Medical, Lab Technician
Major Amagata


Walter?[6] Security Director, Main Facility


Telekinetic Support
? Richmond (ARC) ?[10] Male Telepath
Dr. Frank Lenston[8] Telepathic Psychiatrist Fired, location unknown
Chris Summers


Telepathic Psychiatrist Nice guy, has Shamu plushie
Terrance[11] Warper
Nathan Coleman


Field Officer Ex-Sydney PD
Avery Potempkin


Medical-Diseases? Ex-CDC

Known Detainees[]

Codename Real name Further details
Maelstrom[4] James Diedrick Stored in cryogenic suspension in Black Section.
Migraine[13] Romy Kumler Undergoing treatment following the events of Nov/Dec 2006.
Cavalier[14] Jean-Michel Cardan Being treated/rehabilitated after the events of 2006.
Skybolt[14] Elaine Schroepfer Being treated/rehabilitated after the events of 2006.

Circuit Breaker (Merry Candice Powell, formerly Chad Wilson) was detained and treated here in Nov/Dec 2006 before escaping during the Maelstrom incident.[4][15][16][17]