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As Above, So Below is a short story by Kristin Darken that was an April Fool's prank. It is set partly in the GEO world and partly in Whateley.


The game masters of GEO, named Dark Master and Holy Light have a meeting and discuss events in the game, in particular focusing on the actions of Fey's Seramis character as a non-aligned character.

Fey in game discovers a circle at an old tower in game. Inscirbed within are runes that Aunghadhail recognize; among others, one was to call aid from beings tied to Aunghadhail's ancient enemy and another could unbind and capture spirits from powerful artifacts. They theorize that the game could be linked to Hekate's Master, and that the game is actually a gateway to another dimension, where the inhabitants of that world are manipulated as puppets by the players. Fey's companions are slaughtered by something, and Fey herself is blocked from transporting within the game. She is then kicked out of the game, and the two game masters emerge into the Whateley world via Fey's computer. There is a loud explosion which destroys several rooms on the freshman and sophomore floors. Chaka, Tennyo and Generator converge on the room, but find no sign of Fey among the debris.

Elsewhere, a Syndicate precog, after seeing visions of attacks against their bases, prepares to make a phone call thinking "If Whateley was going to allow its students to shatter the neutrality, people needed to know about it. It was going to be war, for certain..."