As Beauty Does is the second Tansy Walcutt-centered story by E. E. Nalley. It was published on October 5, 2015 and covers 2007-05-12 to 2007-05-14. It follows A Pocket Full of Tansy, and is followed by Galatea Debutante


2007-05-12 SaturdayEdit

Tansy gets a message from "Hindmost" to be at a cafe in Berlin at 2:00 PM. She barely has time to make the shuttle. She reflects on some missed opportunities and then talks to Banned Aids on the shuttle.

When she gets to the cafe, she finds that most of the men and several of the women are staring at her. She drives the worst offender away. Then a man makes a covert drop for her at exactly 2:00. She goes to the park where the Whateley shuttle stops and checks the package he left. There is a long letter from "Hindmost" that wants her to infiltrate Wyatt's Atlantean League. There are also a lot of photos and some dossiers.

Ty West calls Elizabeth Carson with the news that Hekate wasn't dead. They discuss some legal options for Nikki.

Tansy asks Elaine to teach her electronics. During their discussion, she finds out what was wrong with Trish Savage's device. One of the batteries was in the wrong way.

2007-05-13 SundayEdit

Tansy makes a deal with Jadis for a private space with a number of unusual features. While she's doing it, she notices something about some of the pictures.

Tansy talks to Tatsuo Ito about taking more instruction from him.

Jadis shows Tansy her new secret rooms. It used to belong to Cyber-scarab, and has a complete electronics workbench and amenities. Tansy loves it.

2007-05-14 MondayEdit

Tansy enjoys her new hideout and contemplates what she needs to do to get invited to the "Atlantean League". Maybe the "Hindmost" can help?

That evening, Tansy intercepts Amelia Hartford on her way home and tells her she knows she's "Hindmost". They have a very interesting discussion.


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