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Aunghadhail[1], Daughter of the Burning Oak, Paramount Queen of the West, Chatelaine of Tyr-na-Baine, Hidden Blossom of the Spring[2], and several dozen other titles, was one of the powers in the old days of the Five Fold Court. Her soul was shattered by The Sundering.[3]

The various pieces of her soul have been reassembling themselves. The final piece has come together in the person of Fey, who she has always described as her power. She has also remarked that Fey is more powerful than she ever was, even though her original power level placed her in the ranks of the Elder Gods.[4] She will probably not come into her full power for several centuries.

Prior to Fey, Aunghadhail was associated with Cirque, one of the Mystic Six, and Totem's wife. The two look so similar that Charlie Lodgeman and Rev. Englund find the resemblance eerie and disquieting, and Jimmy T has mentioned that one of the Dead that follow Englund around is a 'ghostly but older version of Nikki Reilly'.[5]

Aunghadhail is discharging debts to the Weres.[6]

Aunghadhail has attracted one of the race of servitors to the Courts, Koehnes, who is somewhat similar to a Leprechaun or a Brownie.[7]

Her spirit was killed attempting to save Cavalier and Skybolt in the mind space created in ARC by a piece of Mythos Magic wearing the form of Hekate.[8]

Her name has occaisionally been spelled Aughendhail or Aungdhadhail, but Aunghadhail is canonical. She is also sometimes referred to as Unga-Dunga by Toni Chandler, or Ungabunga or Unga-Bunga by Caitlin Bardue.