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Ayla and the Blackmailer is the second Phase story by Diane Castle, and was released on 2008-02-25. It runs from 2006-09-04 to 2006-09-07. It is preceded by Ayla and the Late Trevor James Goodkind and followed by Ayla and the New School


Ayla has his first experience of the girls' showers in Poe. Following breakfast, he meets his counselor to set up his class schedule. When he returns to Poe, Jade shows him the blackmail note that came for him, and the group decides what to do about it. That evening he meets the Beret Mafia, and Zenith and other upperclassmen in Poe. The next day he does errands, and Solange attempts a psi attack on him. The day after that, he hires Jody, and attempts to go into Dunwich, but is stopped by Ms. Hartford being mean. The blackmail note specified that he should use the bust of Poe as a drop point, so the group left Jinn to watch it. That night, ninjas came in and grabbed the bust, so the whole group ran out to get it back, and got into a noisy and impressive fight against the ninjas. Jade then talks the group into naming themselves Team Kimba.