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Caitlin "Cat" McQuiston, code name Backdraft, was a combat instructor at Whateley until she was killed by Terror during the Halloween invasion. She was third in seniority in the range crew after Sergeant-Major Sean Burlington-Smythe and Gunnery Sergeant Oscar Bardue. Unlike the rest of the range crew she did not serve in any military before coming to Whateley but was a member of the LAPD SWAT and mutant investigations division, which she left shortly after her promotion to Lieutenant. Cat McQuiston alternated between teaching on range two, the pistol/SMG range and tutoring Manifestors and Avatars. Easily the most popular teacher among the students on the ranges, Cat was far more likable than her compatriots.[1]

She appears to have fire powers, and can summon fire elementals. She's Eric Mahren's fiance; her death sends him over the edge.[2]

Bardue calls her "probably one of the most powerful manifestors and avatars I have ever seen".[3]

Classes taught[]