Backtrack (Bailey George, née Grant George) is a Whateley student (Class of 2020) residing in Poe Cottage. She was created by Katie Lyn.

Bailey is not a typical teenager - raised by his single, paranoid-but-financially-successful mom who moves around a lot and homeschools him, resulting in a very limited social life. .Then Bailey mutates - changing his sheltered life even more - a radically different BIT, an ability to 'find' things, and a strange danger sense. Perhaps Whateley can give Bailey some critically-needed education in mutant powers and politics and a chance to socialize that he's been long denied, even though he has to do that from a girl's perspective now.[1]

Once she manifested, her mother and her Aunt Matilda finally admitted that they were mutants.[2] Since then they have told her some things about Whateley:

"My mom and aunt told me about their days here at the school too, and they said there was an indoor pool beneath Holbrook that was used for swim class and hydrokinetic training when they were here."[3]
"From what Mom told me, the worst thing is to get detention in Hawthorne. Those kids are out of control or dangerous, and some of the toilets require hazardous waste suits to clean!"[4]
"Mom told me that the bookies will lay odds on just about anything, and with so many kids away from home, betting is kind of a ... a staple entertainment. Just like the Assistant Headmaster said."[5]

Physical DescriptionEdit

She is a couple of inches taller than average for a freshman, built like a dancer - lithe and shapely. She has a soft Southern accent[3], and wears her auburn hair in a ponytail.[6]


Bailey is stronger than the average person her size and age.[7] Specifically, she's been rated as an Exemplar 3, Esper 2, with danger sense (She sneezes when she senses danger).[3] Her Esper 2 includes a form of psychometry. [5]

She can't get a dozen meters inside a hospital-like place of any sort without feeling like screaming, though shielding lessons had helped.[8]


As a member of the Mutant Mayhem Machine crew, Bailey appears in most Gen 2 stories.



Fall 2016Edit



  • Dot, mother, changeling and Whateley alumnus[7]
  • Aunt Matilda, also a Whateley alumnus[3]
  • Unknown father

Whateley AcademyEdit


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