The Bad Seeds is a Whateley club for the children of supervillains.


They have a secret lair (called The Lair) under Schuster Hall below the Homer Gallery but above The Vault.

The Bad Seed share their expertise through a so-called "Book of Dirty Tricks:"

Sometime back in the 1970s, early Bad Seeds (or whatever they called themselves back then) shared little secrets, tricks and techniques that they or their parents had come up with, and since you couldn’t always track someone down in a hurry, they wrote them down in a physical book, the first five volumes of which are still down in the Seed’s secret hang. But time marching on and all that, it has since gone online, with an encrypting security program that even Cheese admits is first rate. Since those early days, the Book of Dirty Tricks has grown into a truly awesome compendium of Cons, Swindles, Gaffs, Pranks, Stunts, Dodges, Hoaxes, Tricks, Ploys, Mind Games, Gimmicks, Social Engineering, Shills, Lures, Stalls, Switches, Decoys, Deceptions, Blinds, Bluffs, Traps, Hacks, Gambits, Stratagems and other diverse methods of getting around the blind spots in the human psyche. There are also a wide variety of recipes, formulae, plans, blueprints and programming gags for a wide variety of nasty bits of business. Most of them are sadly obsolete, but you can go back and look at what Bad Seeds of years gone by have come up with, and update them with a little ingenuity. If I have risen to great heights of cunning in my adventures, it’s because I stand on the shoulders of giants. Nasty, sneaky, devious, twisty, underhanded Giants.
Of course, not every Bad Seed can access the Book of Dirty Tricks. You have to come up with a new Dirty Trick, something that the Senior Seeds agree is worthy of The Book. And not just some technological gimmick; it has to be a ploy of the mind, something that has nothing to do with your powers or magic or technology, just a play on the weaknesses and kinks of the human psyche. You’re not really a ‘Bad Seed’ until you find a new gambit, get it vetted by the Senior Seeds, and write your name in the book of Dirty Secrets.[1]


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