Baron Blitzen is a Nazi supervillain that is still around.[1]

In the 2006-2007 timeframe, he has a timeshare in Karedonia with Dr. Diabolik.[2][3][4]

In 2016-08-29, he acted as Mission Leader of a team charged to obtain an artifact in an Amtrak train. [5]


Despite being over 90 years old as of 2016, he still looked in his late thirties. He is tall, powerful and barrel-chested, with a long handsome face and a formidable chin.

His costume comprises of dark blue tunic pattered after the classic Waffen-SS uniform, with single gold ‘thunderbolts’ styled after the twin lighting flashes of the SS on either side of his collar, a white cape clipped to the epaulets of his tunic, and a pair of dull gold metal gauntlets. He also wears an Iron Cross on his costume and a monocle as his "trademark", sometimes replaced by an one-eyed electronic eyepiece.[5]


Baron Blitzen is strong enough that he does not run from a confrontation with Champion, and can fly. Additionally, he has some sort of energy-projection power he calls his "Blitztöten" (lightning kill, in approximate translation). It looks like a bolt of lightning without its accompanying thunder.[5]



In the train hijack in The Road to Whateley..


In the train hijack in The Road to Whateley.


In the train hijack in The Road to Whateley.


In the train hijack in The Road to Whateley.


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