Beach Bunny (no real name known) is a speedster and generates heat blasts. She's a member of the West Coast League. Her uniform is a titanium bikini and a domino mask.

The other woman wasn’t as.. umm.. pneumatic, but was still scorchingly hot. She was a lot prettier than Valley Girl, but more in a Britney Spears-Christina Aguilera way than a Nicole Kidman way. She was dressed casually in a tight “Pat’s Surf Shop” baby tee and lowrider jeans that really showed off her athletic, sylph-like form. She had a flat stomach and petite waist that Hollywood starlets would have murdered to get. Her hair was long and straight, with lots of blond sun-streaks lightening up the rich brown. Let me see, Sunscreen and Valley Girl were accounted for… This had to be Beach Bunny. Wow. Beach Bunny was a speedster whose uniform was a titanium bikini and matching domino mask. And she generated bursts of heat.[1]


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