Marzena Twardovski, code name Bell Witch, is a member of the New York Chapter of the Grand Hall of Sinister Wisdom. She's Nacht's mother, and has a reputation for being able to get out of jail.[1] She's also apparently got a simply awesome whip.

She is a tall, slender woman, apparently forty years of age, with dramatic features and long brown hair. She has a penchant for wearing age inappropriate tight-fitting dark clothes (fashionable on a woman half her age). She speaks with a cosmopolitan European accent.[2]


She's mentioned as not being present for the Angel of Hell's Kitchen affair.[3]

She's briefly mentioned during the Bad Seeds' layover in New York on their way to Karedonia for their Christmas Vacation.[1]

At the time she was involved in Nacht's own Christmas Caper.[2]


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