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Benjamin Franklin Academy is a prep elementary school near New York City. Its history, according to Word of God, is:

The original school, Ben Franklin Academy, was located in Westchester and is a Montessori style school. However the campus was extremely cramped and the school was a victim of its own success and over crowded. Attempts to buy land around the campus to expand were fruitless, so the school had to move closer to New York to get a better facility. In the kids minds, as there were two separate places they became distinct, even though the school, Ben Franklin Academy, didn't change.[1]

The original campus became known as Westchester Montessori, even though it was part of the same school. Because of the smaller campus, it likely served only the lower few grades; older students moved to the main campus which is located on Seaman Avenue adjacent to Inwood Hill Park. One of the major buildings is Livingston Hall.[2]

Gen 1[]

A number of Whateley students attended it in their youth; Tansy Walcutt, Jadis Daibliku, Malachi Daibliku, Trevor James Goodkind, amongst others. When Trevor was in third grade someone outed his friends, the Daiblikus, as being Dr. Diabolik's children. The controversy was such that they had to leave Franklin Academy; parents were raising a big stink about their kids going to school with Dr. Diabolik's children.[3]

It was here that Jadis and Malachi first got to know Trevor, a friendship that would prove to be strong enough to endure through great trials and adversity. Tansy also knew them, but she spent her time bullying Trevor, while her friendship with Jadis broke when they got to Whateley Academy.[4]


Gen 2[]


G2 Other[]

  • Jake - one of A.J.’s friends
  • Mike - one of A.J.’s friends
  • Nick - one of A.J.’s friends
  • Matt - one of A.J.’s friends