Big Dawg (Beauregard ?)[1] is a superhero, and member of the California Crusaders. He is a large, very muscular African American man.[2]


Big Dawg doesn't consider himself primarily a superhero. As he puts it:

"...being a superhero isn't my main gig. I do it largely to keep my cred. People like doing business with superheroes who make the papers, y'know? My MAIN gig is I'm a businessman. I started with the usual: posters, action figures, memorabilia, all that crap. Then I got smart, and diversified. Now, I own seven apartment buildings, five gas stations, three Burger Clown franchises, nine laundromats, two car dealerships, a produce distributor, a building supply firm, a cement and asphalt contractor, and a recycling outfit. I'm a silent partner in two record labels, a radio station, and I'm bankrolling three movies, including a horror movie franchise in its fifth installment. My business is retooling and refurbishing ailing businesses, and getting them profitable again. My specialty is getting obnoxious parasites that are driving the business into the ground to bug off, because they know if they fuck with me, I'll feed them their own kneecaps."[2]

Recognizing entrepreneurial talent in a young meta named Chiller, he took the boy as an apprentice in order to turn him from a small-time thug into an honest businessman.[2]


Big Dawg's powers aren't clearly spelled out, but he appears to have some measure of superstrength and increased toughness. He also might be a size warper, since he is able to increase his own size. He isn't able to make his clothes grow with him, however; if he isn't wearing his costume (which is specially designed to give extra room for his size increases), he ends up wearing tatters.[2]


When crimefighting, Big Dawg wears a brown utility vest with large armored shoulder pads, trousers and boots with special expansion pleats, and a heavy studded dog collar around his neck.[3] In other occasions he prefer high-quality Italian suit—and carries well the look.



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