Bishop Spengler is in charge of the Annex of the Office for Esoteric Investigation.

In New York, the Annex of the Office for Esoteric Investigation is a major office, which is run by a Bishop-without-See. The Office for Esoteric Investigation was formed in the late 19th Century as a small inquiry board to investigate the phenomenon of Spiritualism, and its possible impact on the Faith. It closed after a few years, after dismissing Spiritualism as a hollow fraud. It re-opened in the 1930s to investigate the appearance of ‘Super Powers’, and the claims of all sorts of preternatural events. Currently, the New York Annex is the office that keeps tabs on the various beings operating in New York City, many of whom claim to be gods or mystical entities of one sort or another, and investigates allegedly ‘supernatural’ events. In general, it makes sure that the Cardinal is kept informed of what is going on in that part of society.[1]


The Bishop is involved in the investigations around the attack on the Atlantic Heritage Society and the attempts to kidnap The Angel of Hell's Kitchen.[2]


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