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Bladedancer, art by Drunkfu

Born as Alexander Farshine, Chou Lee/Li (力綢 pinyin Lì Chóu),[1] code name Bladedancer/Blade Dancer, is the Handmaid of the Tao and and enrolled as a Whateley student despite technically not being a mutant. She is from Knoxville, Tennessee.


MID as of 2006-12:[2]

Mutant Identification Card
Ratings Baseline Human, Tai-Chi, Chinese Martial Arts
Techniques Chinese Sage-Blade, Weapons of Opportunity, Sweeping Strike, Shadowed blade, Stalker-strike
Weak vs Normal human vulnerabilities. No powers of note.
Backup / Team Affiliation Independent/Team Kimba

General Description[]

Alexander Farshine was an average boy from Knoxville, TN who bought a sword from an old Chinese gentleman at a gun show, and discovered that it was Destiny's Wave, an ancient Chinese blade, weapon of the Handmaid of the Tao. He also found, much to his bemusement, that when he had it out of its box it turned him into a Chinese girl, who was a bit shorter and lighter than he was used to being. The box is destroyed on the way to Whateley by the Demon Lord of the Hell of Fiery Immersion, leaving her permanently female. She chooses the name Chou Lee, gotten from a Hong Kong comic, presumably, "The Legendary Couple", written by Louis Cha; Drawn by Tony Wong, and Published by ComicsOne

It turns out that having the blade makes her the Handmaiden of Destiny, the Keeper of the Balance, and sometimes the human embodiment of the Tao.

She's sponsored to Whateley by the Eight Immortals, and rooms with Phase.

The Monkey King also shows up frequently, to the consternation of most people around her. After the debacle with the Chinese God of War on Parent's day 2006, the Immortals provide her with a teacher.



Looks like Zhang Ziyi, of Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon fame except for her verdant jade green eyes. She has straight black longer than shoulder length hair and generally wears a pair of Yoga pants and a long necked sleeveless Mandarin top. Many of the stories involving Chou have pictures of her.


By herself, she's a highly trained baseline with awesome martial arts skills and an awakened Chi sense. She picks up a number of other powers that are mystical in nature, none of which are mutant.

When the Tao fills her, she is essentially unbeatable. However, that only happens when she has to correct something to Maintain the Balance or if something truly threatens the Handmaid.

There's a reason her initial in-take assessment had put her as Exemplar 3, Esper 2, Wizard 2, Healer 2, Devisor 1.[3] The Tao grants her those abilities, akin to how an avatar is granted abilities by a hosted spirit; she is Imbued by the Tao.


Tai Chi, Wu Dan sword, Lightfoot Gung Fu, Dim Mak (death touch), other styles.


Fairly quiet and reserved, tends to interject ancient pieces of untranslatable Chinese wisdom into the conversation. Dealing with Depression in her Freshman year due to her father's death.


Destiny's Wave[]

Main article: Destiny's Wave

Destiny's Wave (命運波 pinyin mìngyùn bō)[1] is an ancient Chinese sword that was forged by the Artificer Jialing, and its fame has been compared to Excalibur.[4] It has the soul of an ancient Chinese sage bound into it, or, as Lan Caihe Ho says, "she is a teacher....who let herself be...placed in the blade."[3]

It can cut through anything. The spirit acts as a tutor and also has its own power set. It is later revealed that the spirit has been a previous Handmaid. For Christmas 2007, the Monkey King gave her a talisman that she can use to make the sword and scabbard invisible so she can carry it anywhere.

As of some time in the summer of 2006, it has been "at least five hundred years have passed since [she] was out last".[3]

Eldritch's voice, "sounded insanely similar to Destiny’s Wave on the occasions she deigned to speak out loud."[5]

Robe of Midnight[]

Given to her by her mentor, this robe seems to allow her to remain unnoticed. It also allows her to Shadow Travel at least within Line of Sight. Traveling through it with anyone else hurts.

Flying Cloud[]

A cloud that she can summon at will and fly upon, like the Monkey King uses in the novel Journey to the West. Her mentor gave her this as a present.


A Christmas gift from the Immortals, this rough silk patchwork bag can hold much more than normally could be expected — in fact, it could hold everything Chou owns, provided that it can fit through the opening.


Nothing idiosyncratic. She's a baseline.


Fall 2006[]

She worked up her schedule with Team Kimba, trying to get into classes with them as much as possible for aid in catching up. The following schedule does not contradict her stories, and every class is with at least one Kimba.

She's picked up the Powers Theory books to read, she's not enrolled in the class.[6] And now she appears to be enrolled in the class, at least she has Powers Theory papers to write.[7]

Winter 2007[]

Spring 2007[]


Supernatural entities:



  • Among others.

On October, 21 2007, she's spotted by Raptor using wooden swords to spar with Fey over by Poe..[18]