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Blitz (no real name known) is a mid-level Exemplar and Energizer with an approximately 100 thousand volt electrical contact attack. She's British, and imagines herself to be another Diana Rigg or Emma Peel. She's fairly tall and has got an "oh, so superior" attitude. She's a reasonably good martial artist, and is working on a weapon she can use to extend her electrical attack in the Winter 2007 term.


Ayla mentions her in a number of stories as being in 6th period Basic Martial Arts (Fall 2006 term).[1][2][3][4][5]

Blitz seems to have it in for Chaka in Basic Martial Arts.[6]

Blitz is in the Special Topics - Martial Arts class with Phase and Chaka during the Winter 2007 term.[7][8]

Phase gets to spar with Blitz. Blitz gets a surprise.[9]


Fall 2006[]

Winter 2007[]